David Kovalevski, Waka Coffee 700 500 sku

David Kovalevski, Waka Coffee

“I think that growing a successful CPG brand is a combination of art and science. You need to have the art of innovation and creativity, and the patience and persistence to follow the science. Using that analogy, I consider the SKU mentors as my museum curators and lab colleagues. In the past months the team…

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Brett Christoffel, All Y’alls Foods 500 500 sku

Brett Christoffel, All Y’alls Foods

“By participating in SKU I was able to round out my CPG knowledge and best practices. My mentor team went above and beyond my expectations and I could not be more grateful for having participated in SKU!”

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Shannon Davenport, ESKER Beauty 500 500 sku

Shannon Davenport, ESKER Beauty

“The curriculum and expertise within the SKU community brought me a new level of confidence as an entrepreneur. By the end of the program I felt like I had laser focused my brand message and established a solid growth strategy. I highly recommend SKU if you’re ready to take your business to the next level.”

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Kayla Castañeda, Agua Bonita 700 500 sku

Kayla Castañeda, Agua Bonita

“SKU came at the perfect time for us. Nearly every problem we were facing, there was a mentor to help support us through to finding the solution, all while being cheerleaders along the process. There’s a saying that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and for most entrepreneurs your business is your child…

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Kiku Chaudhuri, Shaz & Kiks 700 500 sku

Kiku Chaudhuri, Shaz & Kiks

“SKU has been a pivotal part of our company’s growth and success! Our team of mentors was a swiss-army knife of expertise and knowledge — helping us in every aspect of the business. Having both our mentor team and access to the larger SKU network has allowed us to take our company up so many…

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Jenn Wiese, BeeFree 700 500 sku

Jenn Wiese, BeeFree

“Participating in SKU 9 was a game changer for me. I no longer feel so alone. I’m surrounded by a vast network of seasoned CPG and industry professionals and brand owners.  It’s a unique, supportive network that’s passionate about building each other up and bringing best in class products to market.  I’m proud to be…

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It’s opened a lot of doors 742 600 sku

It’s opened a lot of doors

“For me, SKU has meant meeting a wonderful group of talented inspiring people. It’s opened a lot of doors and I’ve learned an incredible amount in a very short time. In a nutshell, it has genuinely accelerated the business of El Norteño and we are poised to launch much faster and stronger than we were 14 weeks…

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The access to SKU mentors was amazing 300 300 sku

The access to SKU mentors was amazing

“The access to SKU mentors was amazing. They have incredible business insight and experience, and genuinely want to see your start-up succeed!”

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SKU helped us define our story 300 300 sku

SKU helped us define our story

“SKU helped us define our story, while supplying a network of resources to help us achieve it in the shortest amount of time.”

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