SKU has become a powerful hub for sponsors, mentors and entrepreneurs and we realize the value that our community provides.

We make sure that sponsors benefit greatly from their support of the SKU program with tailored benefits, whether sponsors are interested in:

Community Recognition
Business Development
Investments for Innovation Pipeline


SKU is the nation’s premiere CPG accelerator, with a nationwide community of CPG leaders.

We view our sponsors as partners, offering creative ways to put you front and center with this valuable community. We offer sponsorship packages for your business tailored for your business. Benefits to your business include

  • Business development.
  • Access to and visibility among CPG leaders
  • Early access to hot young brands.
  • A broadened network for your team members and insight into the latest trends and strategies of leading emerging CPG companies.
  • Establishment of you and your company innovative thought leaders in the industry by aligning with the fastest moving CPG accelerator.