Track for Women and BIPOC-Owned Brands

Women/BIPOC Track

There is a long history of women and BIPOC founders innovating, creating some of the most exciting brands. This track is exclusively for women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)-owned consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands.

Open to founders nationwide, the track includes the top-notch curriculum that SKU is known for on such topics as branding, channel strategy, product innovation and operations. All classes are taught by top-notch experts from around the nation. Throughout the program, founders are guided by hand-picked teams of  mentors.


  • 12-week program that running August-November
  • The ideal company has revenues of $100K or more, a compelling founder with an innovative brand in a hot category.
  • The curriculum covers topics important to CPG startups, including Mission + Vision, Branding, Channel Strategy, Supply Chain and Innovation.
  • Each brand is supported by team of powerhouse mentors
  • Application Deadline: May 7



I have really enjoyed the opportunity to mentor and believe Sariel has benefitted from the group’s experience and counsel. She has really taken the feedback and improved every session. She works really hard, asks good questions, and takes feedback well.

Tania Haladner, CPG Veteran

The future is diverse, and SKU Elevate is contributing to this future by connecting accomplished mentors with the founders of tomorrow’s great brands.

Ethan Monreal-Jackson, Newtype Ventures

For years I’ve admired SKU’s world-class accelerator yet I was still blown away by the unparalleled level of support and guidance throughout the process. From accomplished speakers to a highly focused learning curriculum, it has been a great privilege to grow WAJU during the Track alongside a diverse group of visionary founders.

Chris Oates, WAJU

The SKU M/O program helped me dive into different aspects of my business that I never got a chance to think about beyond the surface level. For example, it allowed me to step away from the production side of making ice cream and spend time thinking about the future of my business and how I can continue to use my story to inspire/impact people. Personally, it gave me a chance to be a student again except this time I was studying a subject that I was enthusiastic about! The fact that my cohort was made up of other founders that look like me motivated me even more. I’m in awe of how far we have all come and it’s a beautiful thing to grow together as we continue to improve our businesses.

Chi Ndika, Luv Fats Ice Cream

The program has pushed my business forward in so many ways. As a new food startup, I’ve received valuable tools and knowledge that are true assets for an entrepreneur and will serve me greatly as I scale the business. The program mentors, who are experts in their fields, provided feedback, brilliant thoughts and insights that helped shape the vision and the strategy of my company. I will forever be grateful for being part of the program.

Sariel Brummer, Babka ATX