• February 16, 2024

SKU Spring ’24 Track Showcases Innovation

SKU Spring ’24 Track Showcases Innovation

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When SKU is selecting brands for a Track, we look for innovative brands led by passionate founders We kicked it out of the park with the Spring ’24 Track. Each of these brands was inspired by founders fueled by their desire to fill an unmet need in the market. They include a line of lightweight, packable meals created by an adventurer, a pet wellness brand developed by a veterinarian and a beauty brand born from the founder’s  personal struggle with psoriasis.

The SKU Spring ‘24  cohort includes Curation Beverage Co, Heather’s Choice, I Love Micheladas, Kelsi’s Kitchen, Ohh Foods, Sanara and Wellnergy Pets.

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest lineup of brands, each carefully selected from a pool of over a hundred applications,” said SKU Executive Director Buff Greebe. “What sets these brands apart is not only their innovative products but also the undeniable passion that emanates from their founders. It’s this combination of ingenuity and dedication that captured our attention and ultimately secured their spot in our curated SKU Spring 2024 track.”

The 12-week program kicks off March 5th. The founders and mentors will celebrate the culmination of the track  with a Showcase Pitch event in Austin on May 21, 2024, which brings together CPG leaders from around the country.

We hope to build on what we’ve already created

“We are looking forward to growing our brand through relationships and knowledge from our mentors,” said Bricia Lopez, co-founder of I Love Micheladas. “We hope to build on what we’ve already created to find a path to growing our distribution channels and finding a more focused sales approach.”

SKU empowers startups by providing the essential resources needed for their success. Throughout the 12-week program, emerging brands get support and connections to help them successfully scale. SKU’s tailor-made curriculum covers the breadth of the key topics, including operations, channel strategy, innovation, supply chain and fundraising.

While the curriculum is best in class, SKU’s mentors are the special sauce. Each brand is matched with a team of CPG leaders, successful founders, subject-matter experts and investors tailored to meet their individual needs. They include people who have held leadership roles at iconic companies such as 7-Eleven, the Hershey Co. and Pepsico. The mentor teams all are united by a desire to help provide founders with the tools to successfully scale their brand. 

Sharing our knowledge to disrupt categories,

“I’m most excited about the opportunity to connect and collaborate with visionary founders and industry experts, sharing our knowledge to disrupt categories, reshaping the retail landscape by fulfilling emerging consumer needs,” says sales expert Katie DeVito, Senior Director of Sales overseeing the Natural and Specialty Channels at Orgain. 

The seven brands in the Spring ’24 Track follow in the footsteps of such success stories as Siete Foods, EPIC Provisions, and DUDE Wipes. Of its impressive alumni lineup, over 80 percent are thriving to this day. 

The Seven SKU Brands are:

Curation Bev Co.

Curation Beverage Co. is on a mission to disrupt the alcohol space by curating premium beverage experiences. Founder Jake Buzaid saw an opportunity to bring the natural foods approach to bev-alc by focusing on the transparency and quality of their products’ ingredients. Curation’s collection of canned alcoholic beverages includes spirit-based craft cocktails, vodka hard seltzers, and wine spritzers, sold separately in 4-packs and together as the first-ever multi-category  “Party Pack.” 

Heather’s Choice

Heather’s Choice makes tasty dehydrated meals, catering to the outdoor adventure market with an eye toward health and quality. Founder Heather Kelly believed there needed to be better options for people like her who enjoyed outdoor activities like backpacking and rafting. Heather’s Choice offers products for every meal – from breakfast to dinner. One of its most popular offering is a line of coconut-based cookies called Packaroons.

I Love Micheladas

Rooted in the heart of L.A.’s culinary scene, I Love Micheladas is the brainchild of the Lopez siblings – Paulina, Bricia, and Fernando – whose dedication to Oaxacan culture and cuisine has made it the city’s go-to michelada brand. Their mission is simple: to share the joy of legit Mexican flavors through carefully crafted michelada mixes designed for convenience and exceptional taste, every time.

Kelsi’s Kitchen

Kelsi’s Kitchen makes delicious and better for you chocolate using only five core, nutrient dense ingredients. Founded by Cassandra Hume and raw food chef, Kelsi Petersen, the Cacao Bites come in five different flavors, each one crafted to deliver mouth-melting, soul-satisfying flavor: Salted Peanut Caramel, Double Chocolate, Raspberry, Mint and Peanut Butter.  

Ohh! Foods

Ohh! Foods is on a mission to make snacking safer and a lot sweeter by creating a line of snacks that are vegan, gluten free, and free from the top 10 allergens. Founder Brittany Charlton was inspired to create Ohh! Foods because of her own allergy to tree nut and peanut allergy, which forced her to cut out many of the snacks she adored. Ohh!’s selection includes Snacking Bites, Cookie Dough and Frosting. 


Sanara, founded by Rebekah Jasso Jensen, offers luxurious mind and body care rituals crafted with indigenous Latin American botanicals for the spa + beauty markets. The name Sanara comes from the Spanish word, sanará which means “you will heal.” Her TRANQUILA Collection is a thoughtfully curated assortment of body care that is used by Four Seasons, Omni and Auberge Resorts for their spa treatments.


Wellnergy Pets: Veterinarian Dr. Zonram Liao created Wellnergy pets out of a desire to improve the lives of people and their pets by providing the best at-home pet care in the form of high-quality pet products and supplements. Wellnergy offers a unique line of premium preventive care and supportive care products for a wide range of ailments, including hip and joint care, skin care, dental care and  gastrointestinal care.