• February 1, 2021

Trophy Skin acquired after transforming at-home skincare

Trophy Skin acquired after transforming at-home skincare

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Imran Karim was running a successful exclusive medical spa in Dallas. But he was frustrated that he could only serve the “one percent” who could afford these beneficial services. Inspired by how non-invasive beauty treatments could transform his patients’ skin, he decided to create high-quality skincare solutions for the general public.

After a long and challenging product development process, SKU alum Trophy Skin was born in 2011. It launched with an at-home, blue-light therapy treatment for acne. Today, Trophy Skin sells a wide range of microdermabrasion, light therapy and ultrasonic tools that bring the aesthetic med spa experience into people’s homes at an affordable price.

The Company’s flagship product is MicrodermMD, an at-home microdermabrasion system that is tremendously effective in reducing wrinkles, blemishes, and acne scars. Another key product is the RejuvaliteMD, an at-home light therapy device which stimulates collagen production, lightens age spots, reverses sun damage, and reduces wrinkles.

Its innovative products and strong revenue growth made Trophy Skin attractive to potential acquirers. In October, Trophy Skin was purchased by Pattern, an e-commerce powerhouse.

Imran says he owes a lot of Trophy Skin’s success to his experience in SKU Track 4. At the time, he had been running the company full time for a year and was experiencing incremental growth. He wanted to accelerate that growth.

With SKU’s guidance, education and mentorship – he gives special thanks to Jeff Pinsker, Damon Neth and Jeff Owen – Trophy Skin was able to level up its leadership team, rebrand the company around a new set of values and target market and broaden its distribution channels in the US and international markets.

Among the major changes made during Imran’s time in SKU was leaning into the EOS ™ leadership team model, which Trophy Skin uses to this day. He stays connected with SKU mentor Damon, who is Trophy Skin’s EOS ™ implementer. The EOS ™ model enabled Imran to move into the visionary role, while “delegating and elevating” its Operations Director.

Trophy Skin’s products are sold DTC via the company’s web site, on Amazon and through TV shopping channels such as QVC and HSN – a strategy that has helped it weather COVID. Combined with a 10X increase in its DTC channel over the past 18 months – enabling it to hit revenue and profitability targets – Imran was able to meet one of his key goals: to sell Trophy Skin at.a premium multiple.

Post acquisition, Pattern is keeping Trophy Skin’s leadership team intact and Imran says he is committed to running and continuing to grow the brand over the next three years.

That includes rebranding, repositioning and redesigning Trophy Skin. The company’s in-house industrial design firm, Enlisted Design, also acquired by Pattern, will be in charge of the product redesign.

“Now with the resources and reach of a much larger parent – who has offices, teams, and DCs in major markets around the world – we will be investing in our team, our brand, marketing, and distribution over the coming months and hope to grow to new heights,” says Imran.


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