• April 14, 2021

Patrick Schwarzenegger talks CPG Investing and Healthy Living

Patrick Schwarzenegger talks CPG Investing and Healthy Living

Patrick Schwarzenegger talks CPG Investing and Healthy Living 700 500 Kirstin Ross

Many people may have heard of Patrick Schwarzenegger because of a last name that brings to mind his famous father, Arnold. But in the CPG world, he’s gained a reputation for being a savvy investor and entrepreneur in the space – a person other investors are watching closely.

Patrick started his own investment company back in 2019. The health and fitness enthusiast is involved with a wide variety of brands in the better-for-you space. In 2019, he joined Justin BieberUsher, and more celebrities in investing $5 million in Liquid I.V., a wellness brand that makes hydration drink mix packets. One of his recent investments includes SKU Track 9 brand Macro Snacks.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Patrick also is an actor. He can currently be seen starring in the Netflix film Moxie directed by Amy Poehler and will join Chis Pratt in Amazon’s conspiracy-thriller series The Terminal List, based on Jack Carr’s bestselling novel.

I wanted to learn more about Patrick and what brands and trends he’s most excited about now.

On a Path to Finding Heathier Alternatives

Kirstin: How did you become interested in the CPG industry? 

Patrick: I think like everyone, I was a customer first. Growing up my dad didn’t allow junk food in the house so I was always craving foods and drinks that tasted delicious but were also nutritious. It lead me on this path to finding companies that offered customers healthier alternatives without sacrificing price, flavor or taste. I became addicted to finding these companies and using my platform, my connections, my business knowledge to help these brands to impact other individuals lives. 

Kirstin: What were your first investments and some recent investments?

Patrick: My first investment in a company was a company called Blaze PIzza. They were pre revenue and their pitch was a chipotle for pizza. A place where customers can have the experience of customizing their own personal pizza, with healthier/fresh toppings and made right in front of their eyes in 180 seconds.

The company was a massive success growing to 350+ stores In matter of a few years. I sold out within the last few years so that I can continue to invest and help other brands such as Liquid IV, Super Coffee, LADDER, VERB, POPPI, EVERYTABLE, WHOOP, etc etc continue to provide customers with better alternatives

Kirstin: What are some of the CPG trends. you’re most excited about?

Patrick: I think we’re going to continue to see customers wanting healthier alternatives. I honestly think that Gatorade, or Starbucks Frappuccino’s or Frosted Flakes etc. will continue to lose market share as technology and new brands find ways to come after them with products that taste great yet offer much better macro nutritional value. I think brain health is an up-and-coming space as well as over the counter medicine that I’m really interested in as well as gut health.

Brain Health is Hot

Kirstin: When you make an investment, what are you looking from in a founder and their brand – what stands out for you?

Patrick:I learned from Marcus Lemonis that you really have to have a triple threat. The product has to be different, unique and awesome on its own. The people behind the brand have to be jockeys that you would be willing to bet on, and that are determined ad extremely passionate about that space. And lastly is the why. Why are the creating this product/brand. What’s the underlying message that they are really trying to share with the world and how are they trying to make the world a better place through this company?

Kirstin: Which brands stand out when it comes to innovation within their categories?

Patrick; Super Coffee is one that I’ve been with for years and years now and they continue to blow me away.