• March 15, 2022

Expo West: Meatless Meat, Celebrity Water and So Much More

Expo West: Meatless Meat, Celebrity Water and So Much More

Expo West: Meatless Meat, Celebrity Water and So Much More 700 500 Michelle Breyer

Expo West ’22 did not disappoint. More than 55K people converged on the the Anaheim Convention
Center in Anaheim, CA. to see more than 2,700 brands – from food and beverage to home products.Expo West was the largest trade show to take place in the United States in over two years.

The show was a big success for the SKU brands who showcased their products.

“The energy and enthusiasm of returning to Anaheim for the first time in two years were palpable,” said Eddie Simeón, co-founder and CM at Hella Cocktail Co. “Expo West 2022 was impactful for our business and, maybe more importantly, essential for the culture and conviviality of the industry at large.”

For retail buyers, it was an incredible opportunity to see a number of emerging brands and trends in one place.

“Expo West is a good place to understand what’s coming up next and find emerging brands that are just starting out. 7-Eleven has been trying hard to branch out in organic and specialty, to bring in some new brands and find items that our customers wouldn’t be expecting. Expo West is a great place for that, it makes me feel energized and
invigorated, said Adam Frank, director of emerging brands for 7-Eleven.

We asked Frank how a buyer can possibly select which products to carry when surrounded by so many innovative.

“You know it when you see it,” he responded.

With all of the plant-based options, one attendee joked that he was coming out with a meat-based plant alternative.

The SKU Crew walked the aisles Expo West aisles packed with the latest innovations in healthy snack, electrolyte-packed water and plant-based fish, chicken, beef and eggs. Here are some of the trends that stood out:

A gallery featuring winners of the prestigious NEXTY Awards, representing what tomorrow’s healthy living landscape will look like, can be viewed online. The winner of the Pitch Slam was Tanka Bars, part of Native American Natural Foods. The Rising Star award went to Navy veteran Thereasa Black, founder of Bon AppeSweet. New for 2022, the New Hope Community Purpose & Impact Awards celebrated individuals and organizations that help cultivate a prosperous high-integrity CPR and retail ecosystem that creates health, joy and justice fo rall people while regenerating the planet. Winners
can be found online.