• August 10, 2022

Q2 Food & Beverage Trends From CPGPulse

Q2 Food & Beverage Trends From CPGPulse

Q2 Food & Beverage Trends From CPGPulse 700 500 Michelle Breyer

Cookies are hot; Smoothies, not so much.

SKU partner SnackMagic shared insights generated from their first-party data platform CPGPulse from Q2 (April, May, June 2022). Surprising revelations include top categories by ACV (all commodity volume), CPG purchases, top-rated products, trending dietary restrictions, and popular search terms by consumers. Several SKU brands ranked high in such categories including sparkling water, functional beverages, baking mixes and nuts, seeds and legumes.

The trends are based on products sold on SnackMagic, which sells more than 2K SKUs across a wide range of categories.

Cookies are Hot

The top-searched items on Snackmagic were cookies, followed by coffee, tea, & cocoa products and savory snack categories (popcorn/pretzel, crunchies). SKU alum Daily Crunch ranked fifth among nets, seeds and legumes. ImpactSKU alum Kize Concepts ranked sixth among snack bars.

Powdered products are gaining steam bc it’s easier for DTC shipping.  In the pantry category, SKU Dallas ’22 brand True Scoops, a shelf-stable ice cream mix, ranked No. 4 among baking mixes.

Consumers are thirsty for soda and sparkling water

Within the beverage sub-cateory, soda; seltzer and sparkling water; and wellness and functional beverages were the top three beverage categories in the second quarter of 2022. The three categories had almost the same contribution to quantity sold, varying only by a few percentage points. SKU alum Aura Bora ranked No. 2 among sparkling waters. SKU alum wildwonder ranked ninth among wellness and functional beverages. SKU alum Hella Cocktail ranked No. 6 among mixers.

Keto losing steam

The top dietary preferences SnackMagic consumers are vegetarian, dairy-free and non GMO. Surprisingly, keto/paleo and organic rank lower on the list. 

CPGPulse, powered by SnackMagic is a data visualization platform that models emerging CPG trends across shelf stable snacks, beverage, and pantry products. If you would like your brand data to be featured on CPGPulse, please write to brands@snackmagic.com and refer to SKU as your referral source.