Chris Oates, WAJU 150 150 sku

Chris Oates, WAJU

For years I’ve admired SKU’s world-class accelerator yet I was still blown away by the unparalleled level of support and guidance throughout the process. From accomplished speakers to a highly focused learning curriculum, it has been a great privilege to grow WAJU during the Track alongside a diverse group of visionary founders.

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Chi Ndika, Luv Fats Ice Cream 150 150 sku

Chi Ndika, Luv Fats Ice Cream

The SKU M/O program helped me dive into different aspects of my business that I never got a chance to think about beyond the surface level. For example, it allowed me to step away from the production side of making ice cream and spend time thinking about the future of my business and how I…

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Sariel Brummer, Babka ATX 150 150 sku

Sariel Brummer, Babka ATX

The program has pushed my business forward in so many ways. As a new food startup, I’ve received valuable tools and knowledge that are true assets for an entrepreneur and will serve me greatly as I scale the business. The program mentors, who are experts in their fields, provided feedback, brilliant thoughts and insights that…

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