About Our Program

Companies selected into the SKU accelerator participate in a one of a kind 14-week program that serves an MBA and all-star network platform for your business. During the course of the program, founders and your leadership teams attend organized classes, in-depth, breakout and problem-solving sessions, meeting face-to-face with SKU Mentors every Tuesday for twelve weeks.

As startup advisors and patient investors, SKU leadership and Mentors are laser-focused on maximizing the odds of long-term success for each of the companies accepted into our acclaimed program. Every company admitted into the SKU program receives a cash stipend, as well as insider access to additional funding. In exchange for lining up all the pieces to empower our companies to scale, SKU receives a small equity stake in each company.

Companies can apply now for the Austin Track.

Intensive, 12-week program that accelerates and amplifies growth trajectories of stellar CPG companies

Showcase Day

At the end of each program, SKU hosts a special Showcase event to introduce our track companies to select investors, partners, and media. SKU Showcase is like a demo day, only more delightful and delicious.

See a Showcase Day in action here.