At SKU, our partnership continues long after our companies complete their program. Many of our mentors continue to support companies, and we continue to offer founder education. We also work closely with founders to help them with their fundraising strategy.

We’ve recently created the SKU Insider newsletter to share fundraising news from SKU Alumni companies who have participated in our programs including Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, BeyondSKU, ImpactSKU and Elevate tracks.

We share information about raises with all our Track Mentors who participated in previous rounds over the past 11 years. In addition, we are sharing fundraising information with angel investors, networks, private equity groups and VCs, We make warm connections between founders and interested investors.

If you are an accredited investor, you can receive the SKU Insider newsletter, even if you haven’t served as an invested SKU equity mentor. Here are the SEC’s definition of accredited investor.

For more information about investment opportunities with SKU brands, contact:

George Bryson
Investor Development Director