ImpactSKU differs other incubators and accelerators because mentorship goes deep.  In addition to our intensive curriculum, which gives them a 360° perspective of what it takes to scale a CPG company, they, on average, spend a minimum of 8 to 16 hours a week with their individual mentors honing their product concept and developing growth strategies.

ImpactSKU Mentors form the core of each program’s faculty. Our mentor community includes a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs, industry executives, subject matter experts and investors who enjoy coaching and advising teams of high-growth, early-stage businesses. Mentors are united by our desire to help promising consumer product startups achieve maximum success, and we believe resources and relationships are essential ingredients to that success.

Equity Mentors pay a membership fee to join the ImpactSKU equity mentor pool. As a benefit of membership in the community, every ImpactSKU equity mentor owns a portion of equity in each company from the track in which they participate.

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