Gifts for the Chef

1. Core & Rind 3-Pack

This pack includes three jars of Core & Rind’s three flavors of the delicious cashew cheesy sauce: Sharp & Tangy, Bold & Spicy, Rich & Smoky. Creamy plant-based Core & Rind is shelf-stable and made with whole food ingredients. Core & Rind is perfect on macaroni & cheese, smothered veggies, gooey nachos or any of your favorite cheesy meals. Founders Candi Haas and Rita Childers started selling healthier-for-you items at their local Farmers Market. Their customers loved their Cashew Cheesy Sauce so much they spent years perfecting a perfect a shelf-stable recipe to make the journey to healthy eating easier and tastier. The dairy-free plant-based sauces are clean label, paleo, vegan and keto friendly.

2. PickleSmash + PickleSplash PicklePacks

A perfect way to sample PickleSmash and Picklesmash. PickleSmash salsa combines tangy dill pickles pureed perfectly with a special blend of spices, onions, and peppers PickleSplash is the pickle-perfect drink you never knew you couldn’t live without. Picklesmash is the brainchild of Liz and Brian White. How They always had a passion for cooking and we began experimenting with different recipes on the weekend. One night we were making hot dogs and didn’t have any dill relish. Brian started chopping up some pickles and mixed them with onions, jalapeños, and some seasoning. It was amazing! They We jarred it and started giving it as gifts to friends, who all loved it and told them they should start selling it. So they did.

3. Creation Nation 4-PACK No-bake Healthy Protein Balls

This variety pack includes two Protein Bar Mixes (Coffee Bliss Balls and Protein Balls) and two Energy Bite Mixes ( Breakfast and Lunchbox Bites). Since 2014, Creation Nation has been leading a fresh snack revolution with the world’s first Protein Bar & Bite Mixes! No-bake, minutes to make, nutritious snacks that taste like homemade cookies. Creation Nation founder Karen Nation, a nutrition specialist whose passion for food as medicine has been growing since childhood, She didn’t want to settle for bars and bites that are high in sugars, preservatives and poor quality ingredients so she began making her own. With Creation Nation, she was on a mission to give ultimate control back to you, whether you’re vegan, paleo, keto, or simply taste, health, and value conscious.

4. Sienna Sauce Spicy It Up! Variety Sauce

This variety pack includes Sweet & Tangy, Spice It Up! and Lemon Pepper. Popularly known for its versatility, Sienna Sauce is an “Everything Sauce” and can be used as a dip, marinade, glaze, or an added ingredient. Sienna Sauce is led by teenage phenom Tyla-Simone Crayton – the teenage “Sauce Boss.” Her favorite wing place closed down in New York City and she asked her mom, Monique, if she could try to recreate the flavor by playing with ingredients in her kitchen. They created something even better and healthier: low-sodium, honey based Sienna Sauce contains no high-fructose corn syrup and gluten-free.

5. The Siete Table: Nourishing Mexican-American Recipes from Our Kitchen

From the Garza family, creators of Siete Family Foods brand, comes this flavorful collection of nourishing Mexican-American recipes. When the Garza family began experimenting with making grain-free tortillas. Today, Siete Family Foods brings Mexican-American foods into kitchens across the country. In The Siete Table, the Garzas share more than 100 delicious gluten-free Mexican-American dishes that span every course and occasion. Both Mexican food aficionados and health-conscious eaters will find plenty to love, since each dish can be made dairy-free and many can be adjusted to be vegetarian or vegan.

6. Maazah 3-Pack

This 3-pack includes Maazah’s three delicious flavors: “Mild” Cilantro & Ginger Chutney, “Hot” Cilantro & Ginger Chutney and Vegan Aioli Chutney. Maazah is a bright, bold, and balanced Afghan-style chutney. Traditionally chutney is eaten with rice, korma, dahl and kabobs, but you can dip, spread or drizzle it on almost anything, from eggs to vegetables. Maazah was inspired by founder founder Yasameen Sajady’s mother secret cilantro and ginger chutney recipe, She couldn’t remember a time growing up when a didn’t include Mom’s “Magic Green Sauce ”.One percent of each unit sold supports girl’s education programs in Afghanistan and other parts of the developing world.

7. Occo Full Pantry Set

This sets 44 spice cards to dazzle your pantry and your cooking. The Full Pantry set leaves no flavor stone unturned and brings together every spice card ever made by Occo.The concept behind Occo is simple, pre-portioned packets of ethically sourced spices come grouped in single-serve recipe cards,. Co-workers turned friends Lisa Carson and Connie Wang noticed that portions of ingredients within her local grocery store were getting smaller – smaller bottles of oil, and single-serving bundles of produce, They came up with the idea of trial size of spices. The pods of spices are made from aluminum and can be tossed into cans of soda and easily recycled.

8. Paleo Powder All Purpose Seasoning Lifestyle Four Pack

This four pack includes one Pink (5.3oz), one Herbed – Salt Free (4oz), one AIP (3.5oz) and one FODMAP (3.8oz). Whether you like all four blends, can’t decide which one to try or want to share with friends – this lifestyle/diet-focused four-pack is just the ticket. Paleo Powder was founded by Dustin Gersch, who weighed more than 300 pounds in his 20s. After going to the doctor, she started exercising and quickly saw improvements in his fitness level. But he still needed to address his eating habits. He chosePaleo/clean lifestyle and within a year, he lost more than 50 pounds. As he looked at seasoning blends he traditionally used to flavor his BBQ, he realized all of them contained MSG, gluten or some unhealthy ingredient or additive. So he made his own, and Paleo Powder Seasoning was born.

9. Mesa de Vida 5-pack Variety Bundle

This 5-pack variety bundle of Globally-Inspired Starter Sauces make meal prep hassles and dinner time boredom a thing of the past! Simply simmer, slow cook or oven braise with 1 lb of protein/beans and 2 cups of veggies for an incredible meal that will bring life to your table. Founded by personal chef Kirsten Helle Sandoval, Mesa de Vida offers chef-crafted, multi-tasking meal starters and salt-free seasoning blends to easily transform simple ingredients into a healthy gourmet meal. Take 15% off your order at with code SKU2022 at checkout.

10. Fabalish Falafel Dip Party Bundle

Get all the goods for your enjoyment (and perhaps others, if you don’t eat it all yourself)!! Choose four falafels paired with four dips. All Fabalish products are plant-based, top-8 allergen free, and organic with simple ingredients! The veggie falafel – available in Spicy Carrot and Zesty Zucchini – are baked, not fried, and packed and is a nutritious, planted-based staple. The dips – available in Tzatziki, Ranch, Fab-a-Dish and Queso – are made from chickpea water, which when boiled is a superfood. Founder Jessica Gebel had just completed her culinary degree when she found herself at a job interview tasked with preparing several vegan dishes. She knew that the water from a strained can of chickpeas possessed similar powers to that of an egg. From there, she whipped up this liquid gold, emulsified it with organic sunflower oil and then formulated a delicious blend of spices to provide unbridled flavor. Upon tasting the meal, she heard “this is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth” and the rest is history.