1. Alvie’s Manchaca

The Alvie’s Manchaca is handsome and comfortable enough to be your go-to boot, even if you limit your rodeoing to Roping in business deals in the boardroom. The Manchaca is a deerskin roper with 1.25” heel for added comfort. It is available in three colors: Glass of Pappy, Sasquatch Sighting and Closing Down the Bar. Alvies founder Alvie Faulkenbery – a long-haired free spirit – didn’t think he could pull off cowboy boots. Years later, he grabbed a pair to use for a Jim Morrison Halloween costume. They felt and looked amazing. From that day forward, he was a flip-flop and boot guy.

2. Criquet: Corduroy Button Downs

These shirts blend classic style with a western flair. They are made with a versatile 100 percent cotton corduroy fabric. Available in six colors, they feature a Western back yoke and signature Criquet pocket with sunglass slot. Crique founders Hobson Brown and Billy Nachman were life-long friends who didn’t know much about debt-service coverage ratios or conversion paths. They just knew we wanted to be anything but bored. So, we set out to create the perfect shirt and all things anti-ordinary. Criquet Shirts was born.

3. American Provenance Bundles

Bundle and Save on his favorite grooming products this holiday. Bundles include the Deodorant Travel-Sized Sampler, Everyday Grooming Collection and the Everyday Essentials Collection. As a middle school teacher in Belleville, Wisconsin, Kyle LaFond was sick of seeing the boys dousing themselves with additive-filled body sprays and other personal-care products. So he turned it into a lesson where students learned about ingredients in products they use. Then, the class made their own deodorants.LaFond stopped teaching and launched American Provenance in 2015.

4. DUDE Wipes Mint Chill 3-pack Flushable Wet Wipes Dispenser

These super chill wipes are “just like a breath mint for your butt.” They are 99% water and plant-based ingredients like eucalyptus, mint, and tea tree oils. They are flushable and 100 percent flushable. DUDE Wipes was founded over a couple of beers and some potty humor by longtime friends Sean Riley, Ryan Meegan, Brian Wilkin and Jeff Klmkowski. They had been wiping themselves with baby wipes, seeking a product that produced a clean better than toilet paper alone. They decided they could create something better – a product that could disrupt the wipes market. DUDE Wipes was born.