• November 9, 2023

Raeka Beauty Blends Ancient Ingredients with Modern Science

Raeka Beauty Blends Ancient Ingredients with Modern Science

Raeka Beauty Blends Ancient Ingredients with Modern Science 700 500 Josephine Boulware

Raeka Morar didn’t set out to create a groundbreaking skincare brand.

What began as a hobby making skincare products took a more meaningful turn after her grandmother passed. Remembering her grandmother’s South Asian remedies, Raeka started to incorporate them into her lotions.

A friend convinced Raeka to sell her skincare products at a local Austin market. To her surprise, she sold out of the 50 tins she had brought and realized she was onto something big.

The timing couldn’t have been better. There was a growing interest in South Asian ingredients, and she was perfectly positioned to convert her hobby into a business.

Fast forward to today, and Morar has built SKU alum Raeka Beauty into a fast-growing brand that merges ancient South Asian ingredients with modern science while also increasing representation within the beauty industry.

“I wanted to create something that allowed people to experience South Asian beauty secrets,” says Morar. “I wanted the best of both worlds, and there was nothing out there like that.”

Merging The best of both Worlds

In a world obsessed with perfection, Raeka Beauty encourages people to embrace their natural beauty. The goal, says Morar, is to showcase healthy skin with real textures and imperfections instead of promoting the unattainable notion of “flawless” skin.

Raeka Beauty currently has two standout products: the Lather Down Cleanser and Quench Me Moisturizer. The products are packed with Ayurvedic botanicals and feature a unique blend of turmeric, clove oil, camphor, Indian sarsaparilla, aloe, nutmeg, and more – ingredients ingrained in South Asian culture.

In addition to on her website, Morar’s products are currently available on SUNEDaily Polished, and SHOP LC. It will be launching with Eighth + Kin later this month.

Participating in the SKU Austin 2022 Track proved instrumental for Morar. Her mentors helped her realize the importance of planning, strategy, and truly understanding your consumers. Over the past year, the brand has undergone an exciting rebrand, capturing the attention of both consumers and retailers.

“A new Staple in my Skincare Routine!”

Satisfied customers sing praises for Raeka Beauty product. One customer says of the moisturizer, “This is now my new go-to! Love the smell and it so lightweight yet hydrating. Amazing for my sensitive and acne-prone skin.” Another customer raves about the cleanser, “This is a new staple in my skincare routine! I love the lightweight foam texture and it smells so good. It’s packed with so many yummy ingredients that leave my face feeling so clean and refreshed.” 

The evolution of Raeka Beauty mirrors a broader transformation within the skincare industry. The global skincare market is poised for significant growth, expected to reach USD 204.61 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 4.6% according to Business Wire. This growth trajectory notably favors natural and organic products. Modern consumers are increasingly ingredient-conscious and seek alternatives free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Raeka Beauty appeals to these consumers – touting clean, plant-based formulations. 

Additionally, brands that welcome consumers into a wider community, celebrating authenticity and diversity, are gaining attention – particularly among Gen Z consumers. This shift aligns with Raeka Beauty’s purpose-driven goals of empowering individuals to embrace their true selves with accessible beauty products inspired by South Asian culture. 

From a hobby to a vibrant brand, Raeka’s vision for Raeka Beauty symbolizes the exciting evolution occurring in the skincare industry. Raeka plans on releasing new product offerings alongside her existing skincare essentials, following the natural sequence of a typical skincare routine.