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Sponsor 4

Being a sponsor with SKU is an incredible opportunity to learn about CPG emerging brands early on. The commitment from the sponsors and mentors provides a level of education to all of the cohorts to set them up for success.¬† For PROVA, gaining direct access and communication with the founders of numerous brands is not…

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Sponsor 2

“Participating with SKU has been a great opportunity to connect with the Austin-area CPG community. Our sponsorship has allowed us to support innovative, emerging brands and increase our exposure and visibility among CPG leaders.”

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Sponsor 1

“With our strong focus on CPG, SKU has been a natural¬† partner for Egan Nelson. SKU is at the center of the CPG community, bringing together some of the most successful companies while providing a firm foundation for entrepreneurs building their businesses. With its national reputation, being a part of the SKU ecosystem has been…

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