Gifts for the Health Nut

1. Karma Nuts Keto Variety Pack

This variety pack includes wo packs of Sea Salt Wrapped, Golden Turmeric Wrapped, and LimeTwist Wrapped cashews. All cashews are air roasted to keep them minimally processed, a good source of 6 essential minerals, and are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, vegan, Kosher. Whole30 Approved! Karma Nuts Founder Ganesh Nair was working on a project at New Jersey-headquartered Johnson & Johnson aimed at assisting health care professionals manage diabetes when he realized how important it was to have nutritious, yet tasty snacks. A cashew company was the natural choice for Nair, whose family in India has had cashew-processing and cashew-product exporting business for 90 years. He has brought innovation and brand building to the common cashew.

2. Kind Lab Happy Bundle

Kick daytime sadness, stress, and lethargy to the curb. The bundle includes Lift CBD + CBG + Adaptogen Capsules and Ease CBD + Tart Cherry Chews so you can enjoy happy, calm, and productive days. Stressed out to the point of insomnia and crumbling under the demands of being a business executive, mother, wife, and caregiver, founder Kind Lab founder Angela Arena Foster tried everything from NyQuil to wine to relax. A friend finally convinced her to try cannabis and sheI had the best night’s sleep in months, and was clear headed and focused the next day. She worked create solutions for other problems – from pain to anxiety – with hemp extract and other plant-based ingredients and Kind Lab was born.

3. Happy Moose Shot Discovery Pack

This wellness-centric bundle is packed with an abundance of superfoods designed to keep your body and mind strong. Each shot contains targeted health benefits that help aid immunity, digestion, energy, healthy bones, hair, and skin. Known for their eye-widening flavor, they are sure to delight your senses. The 12-bottle pack includes Feel Mo’ Betta, Hawaiian Healer, Glow Up, Belly Boost, and Pep in Ya’ Step. Happy Moose Juice, co-founded by Ryan Armistead, crafts premium juices and functional wellness shots from upcycled, heirloom produce sourced directly from the fields of independent, family farms.

4. Mushroom Revival Revive Your Health Gummies

The 4-pack Capsule Bundle is the perfect way to dive into the wonderful world of functional mushrooms! Get energy from the benefits of Cordyceps, mental focus with the help of Lion’s Mane, calm yourself with our Reishi blend, and get the added benefit of daily immune support and Daily 10 mushroom mix full of 10 very potent mushrooms. Mushroom Revival founder Alex Dorr was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, depression and anxiety. He dedicated himself to living a healthier way of life and found that functional mushrooms could support his overall health and wellness. He is now one of the nation’s top mycologists and co-hosts the No. 1 mushroom podcast in the world, “The Mushroom Revival Podcast” and authored the book “Mycoremediation Handbook: a Grassroots Guide to Growing Mushrooms and Cleaning up Toxic Waste with Fungi”

5. Sunny Culture Variety Probiotic Shots

The Variety Probiotic Shots bundle includes Lemon, Elderberry, Turmeric and Ginger, each packed with live fermented probiotics. The Sunny Culture immunity probiotic shot is sure to give you the boost your body needs! Sunny Culture’s probiotics are never heated to maintain more live nutrients, enzymes, and probiotic strains offering higher benefits for your overall immune system health. Founders Rany Bochi and Patrick Whitner started fermenting a new type of culture called water kefir that checked all the boxes on taste, functionality, and plant-based. One day they flavored the water kefir with organic hibiscus flower and started selling it at a local farmers markets while working their day jobs. They sold out of the product, and Sunny Culture was born.