Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. Dog Threads Caribou Sweaters

These people-pup coordinated fair isle sweaters feature caribou, snowflakes, and forestry in a whimsical wintery scene. This chunky knit sweater is created with a new updated fit and feel that will keep you and your pup warm this holiday season. Dog Threads started in the summer of 2014 when founders Scott and Gina Davis were looking for a festive party shirt for their fur baby Thomas to wear to their annual 4th of July barbecue. Scott had the ingenious idea to take matters into his own hands, creating a one-of-a-kind Tropical print button-down shirt for Thomas. Thomas loved getting dressed up, so we started making different shirts for every occasion, and soon enough his wardrobe needed a closet of his own.

2. A Pup Above Sampler Pack

The 4-bag bundle includes Beef Stew, Turkey Pawella Recipe, Chicka Chicka Bow Wow and Porky’s Luau. A Pup Above’s fresh dog food is made with 100 percent human grade ingredients using the sous-vide method at the company’s USDA inspected facility. Founders Javier Marriott and Ruth Stedman were inspired by their picky pup Lola to create an innovative dog food. After countless weekends spent cooking up recipes, they finally got the” paws up” from Lola and A Pup Above was born.

3. Homescape Pets Wellness Sample Pack

Want to try Homescape supplements, but not sure which ones? Want to see if your pet will like them? The sample pack is great for dogs and cats of all life stages, especially those who haven’t had supplements before or who may be finicky about new flavors. Give it a try! The trial-sized 3-piece sample set includes:

  • One 10ml Daily Thrive oil – Hemp & Turmeric Oil helps relieve discomfort and aches and enhances energy
  • One 10ml Restful Pet oil – Hemp, Chamomile, & Valerian Oil helps ease situational stress and tension of thunderstorms, separation anxiety, fireworks, etc
  • One 1oz Mussel Mobility powder – Green Lipped Mussel & Turmeric promotes stronger joints and mobility

Founders Nana and Marcus Pfeiffer started Homescape Pets after losing their first schnauzer, Beau, to cancer. While they knew we couldn’t save her life, they wanted to give her a better quality of life. That included less hard-core drugs and more of what nature provides.

4. Springer Pets Walk Sling Bag + Leash Bundle

Designed for pup parents that are always on-the-go, Springer’ Sling Bag + Leash gives you the freedom of hands-free walks and everyday activities with your pup.It is made to hold your essentials: phone, cards, keys and your dog’s things. It also includes a built-in a poop bag dispenser and a mesh pocket for easy treating. Simply attach the included 4ft leash to the collar and your dog can roam freely by your side. Finished with your walk? Unclip the leash from the bag and go about your day with all your essentials close by. Springer Pets got its start with inventor Gary Ross, the inventor of the travel coffee mug. Thirty give years and 40 patents later, Gary’s children Shannon and Griffin wanted to bring innovation to the dog market.