Gifts for Breakfast Lovers

1. Wildway Grain-free Limited-Edition Holiday Variety Pack

The granola lover on your list will love Wildway’s new limited edition holiday flavors: Gingerbread – a holiday bestseller – Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark grain-free granolas. This soft chewy keto-friendly snack is spice and everything nice without the added sugar. The idea to create Wildway was sparked by founders Kyle and Kelli Koehlers’ decision to clean up their diet. They made snack items that were gluten-free, didn’t have any sugars, and were made with really clean ingredients. They tested products and formulations for clean and tasty cereals, granolas, and snacks at the city’s small farmer’s markets. They sold out of everything in a little over an hour, and the rest is history.

2. OMNI Bev Ultimate Vietnamese Phin Coffee Experience

OMNI Bev Founder Tammy Huynh created the first ready-to-drink authentic Vietnamese cold brew coffee. From the grower to the roaster, the single-origin coffee beans are harvested directly from her family farm in Vietnam. OMNI Bev, would like to introduce the rest of the world to the Vietnamese coffee culture through their coffee products as well as virtual tasting experiences. The Phin Coffee Experience includes OMNI Be’sv redesigned the traditional stainless steel phin filter in a sleek graphite color that delivers the same classic, slow-brewed taste in minutes. It also includes:

  • Stainless Steel Coffee Spoon
  • NEW Double-Wall Glass Mug
  • 14 oz Longevity Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 8.8 oz bag of Omni’s Signature Blend premium roasted ground Vietnamese coffee beans

3. Oatmeal & Co. Overnight Oatmeal

Enjoy these overnight oatmeals in six flavors, including Blueberry Cardamom, Lemon Lavender and Strawberry Basil, Founded by Darian Washington and her son Derrick, Oatmeal & Company is disrupting boring bowls of oatmeal and replacing morning routines with thoughtfully curated blends of fruit, organic oat and high-quality spices. Founded by Darian Washington and her son Derrick, Oatmeal & Company is disrupting boring bowls of oatmeal and replacing morning routines with thoughtfully curated blends of fruit, organic oat and high-quality spices.

4. Pearl Honey Spread Sampler

These sugar-free, gluten-free creamed honey-based spreads are smooth, spreadable with creamy consistency, all made with real organic fruits, raw creamed honey (sweetener), lemon juice for the tangy zing, and fruit pectin, for both children & adults with or without a specialized diet. The sampler includes Pearl Honey’s Cacao, Cinnamon, Matcha, Spicy and Raw honeys. Pearl Honey founder Moji Okuyemi wasn’t comfortable with the artificial, high-sugar jams her daughter Pearl wanted to use on her bread and pancakes. So she started making her own.

5. BeeFree: Warrior Mix Assortment

Get a sampling of all flavors of this better for you, snackable granola. It is made with simple, plant-based ingredients, lovingly created by people with autism. This almond based, honey-sweetened, soft and chewy snack is ready to help fuel your next Warrior adventure. The bundle includes Bob’s Salted Caramel!, Clay’s Chocolate Buzz, 1 Hagen’s Berry Bomb, 1 Auggy’s Original, and Mae’s Apple . BeeFree evolved from founder Jennifer Wiese’s desire to bake tasty gluten and dairy free treats for her son – treats that would help with his autism and would allow him the pleasure of being a kid. So, with the help of her mother (aka Queen Bee), they set about converting her favorite recipes, and BeeFree was born. Save 30 percent with the coupon code WarriorHoliday30.

6. Waka Coffee Instant Coffee Discovery Bundle

Waka’s products are the perfect gift for your adventurous family member or friend. Make your own set or use a box or a bag as a stocking stuffer. The bundle includes Waka’s Colombian medium roast, Colombian decaf, Ethiopian dark roast, Ethiopian light roast, and Papua New Guinean medium roast. Each box includes 8 – 0.1 oz single-serve packets to make 8-10 fl oz cups of coffee. Total of 5 boxes in this discovery bundle. Waka Founder David Kovalevski.came up with the idea for Waka while living in New York City, juggling a hectic schedule as a full-time undergraduate student with a full-time job. He developed Waka using 100 percent freeze-dried Arabica beans.

7. Oaza Cold Brew Variety Pack

This six pack, including two each of Oza’s three smooth, energizing flavors: Black, Cocao Mocha and Oat Milk. Oaza’s cold brew gives you the functionality needed to stay energized throughout your day with all the flavor and a fraction of the calories. It contains electrolytes, L-Theanine and caffeine with no sugar and only 25 calories. Founder Jeff Burbank traveled back and forth every week between New York and Las Vegas. As he grew mentally and physically tired, he reached for more and more coffees. But he felt the same, if not worse. One day he finally realized why: coffee had the energy he wanted but none of the hydration he needed and created Oaza to fill that need.

8. Ladybird Dry Bombs Variety Pack ™

Ladybird’s Dry Bombs are a dairy-free collagen creamer with 7-9g grass-fed bovine collagen peptides per serving. The variety pack includes Happy Cacao, Vanilla Cinnamon, Pure+ Simple and Cacao + Himalayan Sea Salt Dry Bombs. Depending on the flavor, they have different medicinal spices in perfect portions to easily add function into your hot beverage of choice. They are naturally gluten free, with no added sugar. Drop a BOMB into hot coffee, milk, or tea, stir and enjoy! With strong backgrounds in nutrition and production, Ladybird founders Sarah Lowell Rioux and Nicole Pined created a line of pre-made butter coffee bombs. The functional beverage brand now offers a variety of products, including

9. Beyond the Equator Nut Butter Variety Pack (Not Pictured)

It contains one jar each of our Creamy, Crunchy, Unsweetened, and Chocolate 5 Seed Butter. Co founders Carl Newton and Kevin Bratcher saw the amazing benefits of chia firsthand but were frustrated at the lack of food makers using chia. Their goal was to make products that have superior nutritional value and also taste great. Since then, they have expanded their focus from just chia to a number of underutilized, nutrient-dense seeds like flax, hemp, sunflower, and pumpkin.