SKU Report: Top Trends in CPG

SKU Report: Top Trends in CPG 700 500 sku

SKU receives hundreds of applications every track from startups around the country. When taken together, they serve as a powerful barometer of hot CPG trends. Among the hottest trends were seeing are: Female wellness products: By and For Women Women entrepreneurs are driving a boom in female wellness products. The category spans a wide range…

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Trophy Skin acquired after transforming at-home skincare

Trophy Skin acquired after transforming at-home skincare 1024 1024 sku

UltradermMD Imran Karim was running a successful exclusive medical spa in Dallas. But he was frustrated that he could only serve the “one percent” who could afford these beneficial services. Inspired by how non-invasive beauty treatments could transform his patients’ skin, he decided to create high-quality skincare solutions for the general public. After a long…

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Introducing The SKU Report

Introducing The SKU Report 700 500 sku

As SKU celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, we are at the epicenter of the CPG ecosystem in Austin and beyond. As the nation’s first CPG accelerator, SKU is in the unique position of seeing emerging trends and evolving categories before they ever appear on the shelf. Small CPG startups now are the leaders and…

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